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This site was designed for schools using, or considering using, FACTS’ Actively Managed Payment Plans for tuition and fee management, and Grant and Aid Assessment for financial need assessment and allocation in Western and Central NY, Western and Central PA, and West Virginia.

My “Good to Know” articles are published on the 6th of each month, “Next Practice Insights” on the 16th, and Change Management articles on the 26th.

If your school’s office is still manually creating tuition invoices and hoping parents will pay with a check, we should talk. Visit the Contact link to schedule an appointment, or scroll down to the bottom of the site to connect.

Asset Management is the First Step to a Firm Financial Foundation

How FACTS Can Help

Actively Managed Payment Plans

Payment methods, options, reminders, and follow-up puts payment information at your families' fingertips.

Grant and Aid Assessment

Assess financial need and allocate funds with ease to increase your school's affordability for parents.


Improve the way your school manages information, automates processes and communicates with parents.

Pay It

Create a form and collect a fee. Perfect for summer programs, religious education courses, one-time contributions, and buying spiritwear.

What FACTS Customers Say

Mike Z's Blog

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Be Mindful of Implementing “Collections” Procedures at Your School

There is a Chinese proverb that says, “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names.” During the time I was working for a Diocesan office for ...

The Relationship Between Change and Results

If you’re a user of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or other popular social media, you may have seen a quote by a fellow named Jack Dixon: If you focus on ...